Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Every Tuesday, we post specific items you should gather in order to supplement your 72-hour kit, your 3-month supply, and your longer-term storage. If you are new to our blog, don't worry! You won't be left behind. Just start up where we are and follow along. You will eventually have everything completed! Once the 72-hour kit is complete, we'll be putting together emergency car kits again (week by week). Once those are done, we'll gather the 72-hour kits again. So don't worry, just jump on in and join us where we are today!

This week for your 72-hour kits, add a toothbrush for each person, and some toothpaste. Also add some small, travel-sized bottles of shampoo and soap.

How is your three-month supply coming along? Last week we talked about stocking up on "sick foods", especially since winter is coming up, and we got some great comments and suggestions from you readers! Be sure to go back and check out what other people stock up on for their sick days.

Finally, we are still gathering rice this month for our longer-term storage. Check out our rice recipes for ideas of what to cook with rice!