Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Tuesday... Rotate!

It's that time of year again... it's General Conference weekend! For those of you who aren't LDS, General Conference is a Churchwide meeting that happens twice a year. It's an all-weekend event and is a time when we receive instruction and counsel from our Prophet and twelve apostles.

Anyway, since it happens every 6 months, it's also a great reminder to rotate the food and other perishables in our 72-hour kits and car kits, which should be done about twice a year. We reminded you last April, and we're doing it again.

So this week, instead of reminding you to buy things for your 72-hour kits and your three month supply this week, it's time to rotate. Take out the food from your kits and replace it with fresh stuff. Some families like to eat through the old food during this weekend while they watch Conference. Don't forget to rotate out your water, medicines, food, and anything else that may go bad. Obviously, if you have canned goods or other food that doesn't expire for another year or so, you don't need to rotate it out yet - you can do it when we rotate again in April (we'll remind you!). Be sure to check your water, though. The water that has been sitting in your car should probably be replaced, especially if you live in a hot climate.

Also, check the clothing in your kits. You may need to change it all out since your kids wear different sizes. Or, even if your kids are the same size, you will probably want to switch things out for long sleeves and pants if you had previously packed shorts and t-shirts for the summer months.

Anything else I'm missing? Make a comment! Good luck, everyone, and have fun! You can even do this for Family Home Evening next Monday night - involve the whole family.


CThomas said...

You can also use General Conference time as a reminder to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Anonymous said...

When I made our 72-hour kits, I typed up a list of everything in them with the expiration date of each item. This makes it much easier to rotate because then I check the list to see what needs rotated and then get out just those items. I don't have to go rooting through everything and check everything. Then after I purchase new items, I update my list.

Becca said...

Its also a good time to add in things for new family members that are here, or are on their way. A few diapers of several sizes, some small packets of formula, etc. Even if you breastfeed, its a good idea to have the back up. I stock ours with the sample packets the formula companies always send out.