Saturday, September 5, 2009

Garden Update

A few months ago, Abbie and I shared pictures of our gardens with you. They were still quite new, and barely starting to sprout.

Here's my garden now:

You can't really see it, but the cantaloupe and watermelon plants are spilling over on the side - it worked out perfectly.

All in all, I have really enjoyed square foot gardening. However, it did take quite a while for things to start getting big, and I think the raised bed was a huge factor in that. It didn't allow the roots to get very big very quickly.

How is your garden doing??


Katie said...

My garden is all flowers (and a few herbs) and is blooming beautifully. I've been thinking about trying square foot gardening next year, though, so I was wondering--did it work out well enough for you to do it again, or are you going to try a different method next year?

Paula said...

My garden is about done..a few tomatoes and zucs still going. I did very well this year for my first time. Anyone interested can go to my site and see Lasagna gardening on my left side. :)

Gard'n Judy said...

I just found your blog and really enjoy it! I use box gardens, mostly 4'x8', and space my vegetables the square-foot way (not in rows), although I don't plant by the square foot--I plant larger blocks of plants. My garden has produced really well this year. I'm in central California and putting in my fall garden!

Stacy said...

I tried SFG for the first time this year. Let's just say that my garden did not produce much. I ended up overwatering my tomatoes and my squash got squash bugs. My broccoli plant was huge, but no veggies. I love my SFG and I've learned some things along the way. I'm not going to give up, but I'm going to add some really good compost next year and hold back on watering as much. I don't have a green thumb, but I don't feel like a total failure either. I did get some cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, flowers and cucumbers so it wasn't a total loss. I'm glad your garden did so well!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful bell pepper!

Our summer weather here in Northern California was wonky this year, so the tomatoes have been really slow to ripen, and a few neighbors got hit with the tomato blight, so it was a hit and miss year for tomatoes. We didn't get nearly the yield we were looking for.

Our peppers are doing very well, though; Anaheim, jalapeno and Serranos are all producing and ripening as we speak.

Our squash ended up overwatered (new drip-system) and we got early drop. Ah well, a learning experience it was. Planting the first round of the fall garden seeds tomorrow!

Sarbear said...

This is my first year with SFG and it is going well. I also have squash bugs and didn't realize that was what they were until a little too late. Everything else did pretty well I think. I just planted my fall crop too.

Preparedness Pro said...

What a gorgeous red pepper! My garden has some squash, tomatoes, herbs and flowers. The tomatoes didn't do so great this year, so I'll have to do better next year. I've been really enjoying the herbs, though. http://tinyurl.com/kwmqvv