Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Roundup

First up, Pioneer Woman does jam, and who doesn't love Pioneer Woman, or strawberry jam? I really like the idea of heating the jars IN the water bath pot, it makes perfect sense! So why didn't I think of it before? Part one and part two of Strawberry jam with beautiful pictures and instructions.

The Self-Reliant Sisters do a comprehensive review of water storage and why it's our #1 Priority.

Preparedness Matters shares a link to a free pdf download about home food storage and canning and all that jazz from the Utah State Extension Service.

Finally, I found Totally Ready's essay on 9/11 and other disastrous events interesting--it's true that a self-reliant person, one who has prepared for life by working hard and holding on to good values, is going to react differently than a person who believes they are entitled to help. Read A Day to Remember and Prepare.

Have a great weekend!


Shane and Brandi said...

Thank you for all your research and posts. They must take a long time, but my family and I are very greatful for your efforts!