Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Roundup: Argh! It be scurvy!

iPrepared had a couple of great posts this week. First up, making sure you have enough vitamin C stored away in your food storage. Vitamin C is the one vitamin that is not covered by the grains and beans we store.

Also, check out her great idea to have an earthquake family home evening lesson, it never hurts to prepare your children in a way that doesn't incite fear. This was a great exercise to teach older children (able to write) how to handle different situations. Often times we are more scared of the unknown, and when we think through situations before being exposed to them we are better able handle them when needed.

A thoughtful walk through of what could be missing in your food storage should you have to stop going to the store for whatever reason: Gaps in our Stockpile by The Prudent Homemaker. Via Self-Reliant Sisters.


This week as part of our goal to constantly rotate our 3-month supply, our family had Aleasha's food storage pizza. Delish! It worked great because I split the jar of alfredo sauce between the pizza and another pasta meal later that week. And to make it an even easier meal, I used this pizza crust mix from Jiffy. It wouldn't work for a large family, but for us it's a fast, simple, and food storage friendly way to have pizza.

What did you do this week to rotate your food storage?


The Prudent Homemaker said...

Thank you for mentioning my guest post over at Saving and Giving.