Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Roundup: Car kit revamp edition

One of the most important things to realize about food storage and emergency preparedness is that its not something you can finish and cross off a list. Food storage and emergency preparedness is ever changing and evolving, there's always rotating to be done, always clothes to update in the 72 hour packs and in my case this week, a car kit that needed to be re-done:

I glanced into the back of my car after taking a load to Goodwill and thought, what a mess!

I don't know that I'd even want to use anything from that kit.

So I cleaned it all out and repacked it, and this time, I took Hannah's advice and grabbed a box with a lid so no dirt or dog hair could get in on my emergency car kit.

What have you done this week to keep on top of your food storage?


Julie said...

I have been going through my pantry looking for all of the colored dots that mean the food will expire this year and making sure I use them up.

The Millers said...

I got kid sized rolling backpacks for my 3 & 5 yr olds. It will lighten my load in case we actually need to use them.

Anonymous said...

Truthfully...not much. Our daughter is getting married next month and we're living in crazy land right now.:) I have purchased a number of items, but nothing is organized.

When the wedding is over, I intend to get down to business.:)


Shane and Brandi said...

What all is in your car kit? I have one, but mine is more like a BIG 72 hour kit. I don't think it would be very effective.

Ann said...

I'm worried about that bottled water. I have heard that bottled water releases toxins when it has been sitting in a hot car. . . any concerns there?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, I'm just another poster, but I share your concerns. I understand that freezing and thawing, hot weather and other conditions cause the plastic bottle to leach plasticizers into the water. I don't know if it's the perfect solution, but I have switched my water bottles to Aqua Blox-Purified Drinking Water-individual drinking boxes with a 5 year shelf life. The preparedness store I purchased them from claimed that they don't have plastic in the liner to leach into water and were safe to freeze and thaw repeatedly. Apparently, these water boxes are used and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.
Hope this helps a bit, Joyce

Tricia said...

I had some samples of dog food so I put it in my car bag. So now I just need some cat food. Love this site. Thank you.