Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's About To Get Personal...

Moving, moving, moving! It's all we ever talk about right? Truth be told, a lot of you can vouch that moving can take over your life, and it did mine. Mountain Man and I had lived in Georgia for SEVEN years, and hadn't ever moved with kids, so it was quite an adventure. An adventure that I'm glad I won't have to repeat for quite a while.

Since we had to take a break, Hannah and I thought we would share a little bit about our families and what's been going on, as well as a little food storage tour of our new places.

So here goes...
As most of you know, I had a little baby girl at the end of last year, bringing our grand total up to THREE girls!

Mountain Man graduated (FINALLY) from all that higher education stuff. The girls thought it was rather boring: "No more graduating!"

We left Georgia...and my beautiful kitchen, where many a food storage friday was documented.

We drove for a very long time...

...and finally crossed into New York state.

I found my new cupboard kitchen.

And unpacked lots of boxes and various other items of junk we had accumulated.

We spent a few weeks getting to know the area, we decided we liked it.

Now school has started and Mountain Man is back to work and I am trying to get back on the bandwagon. The great thing about our new place is we finally have a basement! There aren't very many basements in Georgia because of pests and flooding, and I'm excited to utilize the space. The bad news is that we are a family of five in a 2 bedroom apartment, so space is really tight and the basement has to be used, not just for food storage, but also for regular storage, the playroom, laundry room and my sewing studio (Yay! I moved my sewing machine out of my living room!).

The other issue with our basement is that it is prone to flooding when it gets really wet outside (which I'm told is quite often) so nothing can be placed on the floor--especially not food. So knowing all those factors, here is a little tour of where I have begun my itty bitty food storage.

To check out a tour of my food storage in my old house, click here.

I have a pantry in the closet kitchen, where I keep a lot of my food stuff, but a lot of it doesn't fit, so my pantry is extended to this shelving unit at the bottom of the basement steps. I have my cansolidator on it as well. Notice how all my food is on the shelves, I'm not storing anything perishable on the floor. There's a lot of room to grow here.

In front and next to the shelves, are my emergency essentials buckets containing rice, wheat, and flour. My sugar bucket is currently empty and needs to be cleaned out before I refill it. Next door, so to speak, is my deep freezer.

Across the room is another shelving unit that I have dedicated to longer-term storage, like my #10 cans and mylar pouches. We tried to eat a lot of this stuff before we moved, because it's heavy, so this is all we have left. I still need to find out where the closest cannery is, but I'm going to have to be inventive when this unit fills up because I lost my prime can-hiding space (behind the couch) in this new place.

On the top of the longer-term storage shelving unit is the small amount of canning I was able to do this year: pickles, salsa (this is the recipe I use), and jam, we missed strawberry season, so we improvised with cherry-peach jam and blueberry-peach jam--amazing!

So this is where I'm starting from. I'm going to be joining the weekly posts in order to bring my food storage up to speed. I'm glad to be back, and I'm glad that YOU'RE glad that we're back!

What is your favorite thing about moving?

I have lots of un-favorite things (is that a word?) but my favorite thing is being able to reorganize things and have everything have a spot. And I really like using my label maker.


Anonymous said...

Might find out how wet the basement gets...might have to lift the freezer up a bit...check with your neighbors.

Bethany said...

I have moved many times...this is address #7 in 11 years of marriage. This time, though, might be our last. And that's my favorite thing. I love my new house, and I might never have to do it again! Until I'm really old and frail, and someone ELSE can move me to the funeral home.

Robin Fisher said...

I love starting over. Previous mistakes erased. Lesson learned applied. Clean slate and the adventure of making it HOME.
I also like getting rid of the CRAP that seems to multiply while I am sleeping.

Sarah said...

I can't believe how organized you already are. I'm very impressed. Right now my favorite thing about moving is throwing away toys I've always hated and now have a valid reason to get rid off.