Friday, September 23, 2011

Can of Seeds Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday's giveaway!  You all made me really miss Fall.  I grew up in New England but now live in Florida, so your comments left me feeling very nostalgic.

We used random.org to find a winner of the #10 can of seeds.  Out of 78 comments, our lucky winner is #35, Sariah, who said:

I would have to say the cooler temperatures, the smells that come with the baking that gets done and the holidays.
Congratulations, Sariah!  Please email us at safelygatheredin (at) gmail.com to claim your prize.
And, everyone: come back soon because our final giveaway starts very soon, and you'll have two chances to enter!


Jenny and Jake said...

I hate all forms of exercise. Except one. Bike riding. I could ride for hours, and I'm sad that winter is coming!

Jenny and Jake said...

I "Liked" you on FB! As I side note, I went to type in your name and instead typed, "Safely Fathered In". Not the same.

Katie Adams said...

My favorite form of exercise is playing volleyball! I actually like most sports. It is hard to play sports all the time though because you always need other people to participate. For individual exercise i like to swim.

Kristin said...

I just tried Zumba for the first time--soo fun! Other than that, anything with a friend because it gives me more motivation.