Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food Storage Goals 2012 (Hannah)

Yesterday Abs shared her food storage goals for 2012, so today it's my turn!

But first, let's review my goals from last year.  My first goal was to work on depleting my food storage for the first half of the year, in anticipation of our move to Florida. (Abs had a similar goal because she moved halfway through the year, too).

I succeeded with this pretty well.  It actually wasn't too hard because we only spent one year in Virginia, and I had pretty well depleted our food storage before we moved there.  So, I spent the year in Virginia with not much food storage, so we didn't have much to really eat through.  We ended up moving about 2-3 boxes of food, not too bad.  

Part of this goal was also to save up money to re-stock our food storage upon moving here to Florida.  I have been able to get a good bit of longer-term food storage (it's under our bed in the master bedroom), so that has been pretty successful.  I have not been able to do much with my 3-month supply, though.

My second goal was to figure out a good rotation system and storage solution here in our new house.  Like I said above, we've had great success with storing our longer-term food storage under our bed.  And as I showed you in my house tour a few months ago, there are some great potential food storage places in my house that I would like to start using.  As for a good rotation system... I am still working on that.  But there are definitely places to put things!  I am so thankful for extra space here and there.

My final goal was the get a water storage system in place.  I have not done anything with this!!  :(

But let's move on to this year's goals. 

This year, I would like to build (or have my husband build) these canned goods shelves on wheels to go in my laundry room.  I could easily fit two of these in there, so my goal is to start with that. Two shelves!

My second goal is to finally, finally finish our 72-hour kits.  Even my husband is pushing for me to do this, so it will get done!!  We have gathered 72-hour kits about 4-5 times here on the blog, so it's pretty embarrassing that ours aren't done.  But I am following along on this rotation, so this should be done soon. 

My third goal is to figure out how to store water here, and get started with that.  Ideally, I'd like to get a 55-gallon barrel for water, and go from there!

My fourth goal is to plan out our 3-month supply, make my master shopping list, and buy it ALL!!  Abs has this goal too.... I guess I have some competition to see who can get it done!

What are your food storage goals for this year?