Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog Tour - welcome to our blog!

We've been mentioned on some other blogs and websites recently and have some new readers (welcome!!).  So, Abs and I thought this would be a good time to do a little "blog tour" and show you around our site and everything we have to offer.  I hope it's helpful as you cruise our site and try to find good ideas for your food storage and emergency preparedness.

Here's our home page, obviously. :)  You can get to our home page by clicking "Home Page" in the top left corner, or by clicking on our "Safely Gathered In" title bar.

Next, we have an "About" button.  If you click directly on "About", you can read a bit about Abs and myself, and a little background about how and why we started this blog.  If you hover your mouse over the "About" button, more options also come up.  You can click on the "contact" link, which will bring you to our contact page, or if you click on "Columnists", you can read bios about some of our guest posters.  There is also an "Advertise" link there, but for some reason it's not working... I'll have to get on that! (please just email us if you are interested in advertising at this time).

 Next to the "About" button is our "Food Storage" tab.  If you hover your mouse over this tab, four options will come up.  You can go to our food storage recipes page (we have LOTS of food storage recipes, and all our recipes use 100% non-perishables only).  You can also click on "Three Month Supply", "Longer-term Storage", or "Water Storage" to read more information about any of those topics.  Those pages have links to dozens of articles that we have written about the various subjects.

 Next, the "Emergency Preparedness" tab.  You have two choices here: you can read about 72-hour kits, or emergency car kits.

 Our final tab on top is the "Resources" tab.  You can click on "Tutorials", which will take you to a page of all our great step-by-step tutorials, you can see our free printables, or you can click on "e-book" to read about our food storage e-book that we have compiled.

 Now let's talk about the sidebars.  First, near the top of the page on the far right, we have a search bar where you can search for keywords on topics you might be looking for.

 A little further down, you can grab our button to share on your own blogs/websites.  Next to that you can input your email address to subscribe to our blog.  This way, all our posts can be emailed to you directly every time we update the blog.

 If you scroll down a bit more, you'll see our ongoing projects.  We are always working on something, and we welcome you to join with us!  For our longer-term storage, we rotate what we are focused on gathering each month, so you can see what the current food is.  We are also constantly gathering either 72-hour kits or car kits, and every week we "assign" you something to gather for your own kit.  Right now we are gathering 72-hour kits, and we will be done pretty soon!  When we get to the end of the list, we'll start gathering emergency car kits week by week.  Then, back to the 72-hour kits, etc.  One step at a time!

 Finally, three more sidebar items: we have an e-book tab for quick and easy access to our e-book.  Underneath that you can see our blog archives and search by date.  Finally, on the far right, you can search for blog posts by topic.

We hope you will take some time to check out our food storage blog and we hope that you find some information that will be valuable as you plan your food storage and emergency preparedness!