Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Storing Personal Documents

A big part of emergency preparedness is preserving important personal documents in case of an emergency.

It's crucial to have documents stored in a safe and accessible place.  We even recommend keeping copies of some important documents in your 72-hour kits.  These documents include: insurance information (phone numbers, policy numbers, etc), copies of birth certificates and ss cards, mortgage information, bank information, etc.

For the documents not in your 72-hour kits, it is ideal to have a fireproof, waterproof safe to keep these in.  However, those can be pretty pricey.  Several months ago, we received a great tip from Scott, a fire prevention officer and Emergency Response Coordinator in his District in Canada.  Scott says,

A suggestion to protect your personal documents:  Seal the documents in two zip lock bags and store in the bottom of your freezer. Unless it's a major catastrophic fire they should survive the fire. You can also put a desiccant pouch (moisture absorber) in with them to help keep them dry.

Great idea, thanks Scott!

What emergency preparedness tips do you have??  Please share!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! That is a great idea!!

Mary said...

Amen to that! We have been trying to come up with the money for a fire proof/water proof safe for year. With four kids it just never seems to happen. Thanks for the affordable idea! I love your blog!