Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preparing for Sick Days


One of my earliest memories of Hannah is when Mountain Man and I both had food poisoning (ground turkey not cooked all the way?).  We had one little baby and we were so sick. I called Hannah and she brought us over some gatorade and crackers. Ever since then I have been a firm believer in having sick foods on hand!

We've talked a little bit about being prepared for "sick days" and including "sick foods" in your three-month supply.  I decided this year that I was going to allot some money, and make a list for stocking up my "sick foods" in preparation for winter and the inevitable sicknesses that will come. 

On my list:
-orange juice concentrate (my favorite juice when I'm sick with a sore throat)
-a few varieties of soup (so I won't have to cook--also easy on the stomach of who is sick)
-7-up (or Sprite) for an upset stomach
-Gatorade!  Do you know they make clear gatorade now? Genius! It's still flavored (this one is watermelon-strawberry), but if your kid throws it up, it won't stain!

Something I still need to get is hand sanitizer. I like to keep a large container that I get from Sam's Club around in the winter time for refills of the little bottles I keep in the house and the car.  I also really love the chlorox/lysol wipes for wiping down door knobs and faucets and other things so germs don't spread.

After I get my sanitizer, the total for my "sick food prep" will be just under $20.  So for twenty bucks I've given myself a little peace of mind.   I kind of hide these foods so we won't use them just because they're there, and I'll be sure to restock them as needed.

Don't forget to get extra fever and pain relievers too! You don't want to have to run to the store at 3am if you or your kid develops a fever.

What are some other must-haves for sick days? 
 Mountain Man's mom always fed him warm jell-o water.  

Are you planning on stocking up on sick food for the winter?


Mrs. Mordecai said...

How funny, I just did this a few weeks ago after my son was ill and I had to run out to the store. I got some V8 and orange juice boxes because I like to feed my kids lots of vitamins when they have a cold. I'm also going to try to keep a whole chicken in the freezer so I can make real chicken soup. But if I'm sick, I need easier foods. :) I also got some shaped macaroni and cheese and chicken soup with goldfish noodles to tempt my kids to eat when their appetites are down. I need to get some of that clear gatorade, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I put together a "sick kit" last winter: sierra mist, gatorade, chicken noodle soup, saltines. Unfortunately, DS19 frequently raids the box due to his cravings (he's BP and Autistic). Last few times that we needed to use the kit, it was slim pickings! Guess I need to find a new place to hide the kit.

BWei said...

Warm Jello water, huh? Makes me sick just thinking about it. :-) But seriously, great ideas--definitely need to make my own.

Rita said...

My sick day list looks like yours. I've tried having things on hand but they spoil before I need them. Now, I have the list ready and everything can be bought at WalMart or similar place. I try to pick it up myself but if I can't I ask someone to get them for me. :)

Anonymous said...

applesauce and ginger ale are great after stomach bugs. both settle your stomach.

Lynn said...

I try to have popsicles on hand as well. (Or at the very least, Otter Pops) When you can't get your child to drink to stay hydrated, sometimes those things are lifesavers! Come to think of it, if you had fruit juice and some popsicle molds on hand, you could make your own!

Anonymous said...

I always have Nyquil Dayquil, and vaseline. I also keep a bag packed in the closet by the door full of everything I might need if I had to go to the hospital (I live alone).


Anonymous said...

Lotion for dry hands washing them so much.


Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, my mom was sick. Her doctor said "Drink warm Jello! It coats your throat in gelatin and makes it feel a bit better." So, she tried it, and it really worked. It's yummy, too. Now I'm sick, and have been drinking warm Orange Jello. It's SO good! It sounds gross, but it's really not.

Anonymous said...

My family is almost never sick, but I did get some cartons of organic soup just in case, as well as keep all my supplements well organized so everyone can be directed to what they need. I get herbal detox and throat coat teas, green drinks for nutrition ,or coconut water for electrolytes. Liquid calcium magnesium for achy muscles (internally)and epsom salts, hydrogen peroxide, Baking Soda and Vinegar for in the bath. I find if I do these things here and there, or if I start to feel something coming on, I rarely get it.