Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reader Question: Car Kit in Extreme Temperatures

Karen (Canadian Soldier's Wife) writes in:

Question for you about car kits.

We live in an area with a wide range in temperature... -40C (-40 degrees F) in the winter, up to +40C (104 degrees F) in the summer. This makes it a challenge to keep food/water in the car - which became very evident when the bottled water in the trunk froze into solid bricks! And in the summer, the temperature inside the car gets so high that most energy food will turn into melted goo.

Any recommendations for food/water to keep in the car in an area with these rather extreme temperatures? (We moved here from an area where the temperature from January to August only varied by 10-20 degrees, so this has been an adjustment!

My thought is in the winter to just fill up water bottles as you go places and bring them with you. Or maybe putting the bottled water by someones feet instead of in the trunk where it is by the heater.

About the food, I would look for food that doesn't have chocolate in, or is soft. So think nuts, crunchy granola bars, things like that.

What are your suggestions for Karen? Do any of you live in such extreme temperatures?

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Pearl said...

I live in Fairbanks, AK so I've got a few ideas. Make sure that whatever container you keep water in leaves room for expansion. Keep a jetboil in the car and you can melt snow in an emergency. I keep granola bars, they are hard when cold, but so am I! A blanket is also vital - both for you, and you can drape it over the engine of your car if it won't start to help keep the heat in.

Karen (Canadian Soldier's Wife) said...

Thanks for posting! I'll be watching the replies :)

Jake and Sheena Halverstadt said...

we live in an area with a large range of temperature also. Some things that have worked for us is:

In Winter:
extra blankets, knit gloves, & knit hats
Hotties (they are the opposite as portable ice packs, you shake them to activate and they become warm, you can stick them in your shoes or gloves to keep them warm)
As for food, things like: packaged crackers (any variety: plain, cheese, pb) pretzles, granola bars, packages of cereal (the small individual boxes are great for kids-eveyone gets their own flavor) trail mixes, etc...
As for water if you use indv. bottles open them up and pour a little out (to leave room for expanding) drop a drop or two of bleach in the bottle (once the bottle is open it can be contaminated there fore the extra step of bleach) then I put packaging tap around the lid (to make sure it doesnt accidently open back up and spill all over--store standing up) and finally a mini heater of some sort with windproof/waterproof matches then you can warm up the water (or snow as another commenter suggested)

In the summer:
The same foods work except expect the pb crackers to melt a bit if you use them. I have found with my little ones that if I store 100% juice packets/pouches they drink them warm just fine but they wont drink warm water. I still store water, but the juice goes faster!

Hid Conversion said...

Water is very important when engaged in extreme temperatures.

Anonymous said...

We're in Calgary and quite often have a temperature spread of 20 degrees Celcius in one day!

We keep both an alcohol stove, pot and fuel AND a candle in a can with pot supports in our car emergency kit (and matches). Snow is usually available for melting in an emergency situation in the winter. We also keep extra hats, mitts, food, two three season sleeping bags, shovel, scrapers and brushes, windshield washer, booster cables, etc. in the car for at least 9 months of the year.

If we're heading out on a longer trip, or in bad weather, we also take a large thermos (1.5 litre) filled with boiling water. On one winter trip across the Canadian prairies, it kept water noticeably warm for over 48 hours (unopened).

Ollamha Anne said...

I used to live in New Brunswick, and the food/water component of my car kit came into the house or work with me and then back out to the car when it was time to go.

Since one unhappy incident in which my trunk was frozen shut and I couldn't get it open to get to my kit, I always keep it on the floor in the back seat.

Muhammad Azeem said...
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Judas said...

I live in Minnesota and with our cold winters water in the car kit was a challenge.

The solution was to stock freezer pops (the kind that come in a plastic tube) or better yet, Pedialyte Pops (for the electrolytes). If it's cold enough to freeze, eat them as you normally would. If it's warm, drink them.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have a chance to read everyone elses comments. Just a few, and they were great. I've got my car kit sitting on my livingroom table. Believe it or not I was revamping everything but now I've noticed I have nothing in my car. I did see that someone has varrying degrees in tempuratur as I do. However, I'm not so sure juice that has been in a car that has reached over 165 degrees is a good idea (the thermoter died after it got that hot, my friend's kept going to over 175). My concern is for those days AND for the home. I never got my solar air cooler completed. So many taks, not enough time or dollars (I know you all feel the pain).

I came from Oregon to Central California and there is one thing I have noticed. It is SO much easier and cheaper to warm yourself up than it is to cool yourself off.

We only keep water in the car, w/dehydrated gatoraide (when I remember to put it back in) it does not lat well in the heat.

I also have those flat tire fixers. They look like little pieces of rope you slip in the hole. My uncle showed me how to use them and they work great. I didn't see flares for the road, sunvisors, benadryl (if something gets in the car and stings you and you have a reaction you're through).

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