Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Roundup: Egg shells and Self-Reliance.

Need an inexpensive and child friendly way to start your seedlings inside? Check out Imagine Childhood for her tutorial of starting seeds inside egg shells.

One of the main reasons we store food is to become self-reliant from stores, and the economy in general. For that reason, I'm interested whenever anyone has thoughts about self-reliance. Check out The Simple Dollar's post on Self-Reliance.

Getting ready for your garden? Supply your own fertilizer and Make Your Own Compost Bin from The Happy Housewife.

Need help with your messy pantry? Shelf Reliance is having another contest! Send them pictures of your messy pantry and you could win a complete pantry makeover. For more details, click here. Entering the contest also automatically signs you up for their email newsletters.