Saturday, March 28, 2009

Q & A #9

Every once in a blue moon we will post some questions that readers have asked with some (hopefully) good answers. Please be patient as we try to answer all your questions. More questions? Email us!

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I didn't notice serving sizes on your recipes and was hoping you could let me know how many people in your family they feed.

Most of our recipes feed 4-6. The soups generally feed an army, but to be safe, I say most meals feed 4 and then you can double it when you need to. Better to be safe than sorry.

There's a "soup season"?

You know, everyone has a personal opinion and we're all entitled to it. My personal opinion is this: I live in the South. The deep South. From the beginning of June to the end of September we eat popsicles and rootbeer floats. And that's all. The end. (Which makes me begin to think I've got serious issues with our food storage)

How to you plan for the sour cream if you are truly having to cook from your storage plan? I love sour cream and this question is my biggest storage concern.

I don't have a plan. I will just cry and cry. And sob. And cry some more. We are living on a tight budget and it's tough to store the basics right now, so I can't even think about the extras. Which is what sour cream is, an extra. So my plan is basics first, luxury second.

If you have the basics then here's a solution, I did a google search and you can buy 'sour cream powder' which I'm assuming you just add water. So if you really can't live without it, go for it. Keep in mind when you store dehydrated or powdered foods, that you need to store the water that will rehydrate the food.

On a side note, Mountain Man has used powdered sour cream on backpacking trips, and he says it's delicious.

Do you guys have a cook book or can you have one made?

We don't have a cookbook and no chance of one any time soon. However, we are working on getting printable links on each one of our recipe posts, so you can print the ones off that you like and add them to your recipe collection.

We have been thinking about putting all our recipes together and making one big pdf download. If you would be interested in this, leave a comment or email and if there's a big enough response, we may get off our backsides and do it. Although doing it would require being on our backsides, so I guess that phrase doesn't work here.


Pam said...

That would be nice, if you have time...!

Robin said...

I would LOVE it if you could put the recipes together in a file. I run our ward food storage focus group-they would love it,too. Thanks!

Shreela said...

I found a few recipes using powdered milk for various "cheeses" in the Web Archives (since The Homemaking Cottage can't be found anymore). I saved them to my HD; there's Bakers Cheese (tastes like Ricotta or cream cheese); yogurt; Day Cheese (popular in Mexico); Cottage Cheese, Soft Ice Cream; and Margarine. Let me know if you'd like me to mail them to you, since I'm unsure how you'd feel about posting someone else's recipes, even if the site is no longer online, and the last update was March 2006.

joseph said...

I would love all the recipes together! Thanks for you site. It is great!

Ryan and Jessica said...

I would absolutely love it if all of the recipes would be put in a file that was easy to print. Your blog has help me get our family more prepared. You have jump started a sort of obsession of my on being prepared. It is to the point that I think my family and friends are sick of hearing about food storage. LOL I am just trying to help everyone I care about be more prepared. Thank you for your blog and all of the guidance it brings. :)

Jenny Webster said...

I would love it if you put your recipes in a PDF that could be printed easily! Thanks for your time and dedication. I also know quit a few friends and family and ward members who read your blog who'd love it as well! Thanks!

Donna said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I would love it if you could consolidate your great recipes into one pdf. I know that that is a lot of work but it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

katharine said...

homemade yogurt from powdered milk makes a good sour cream substitute. it can also be strained for a cream cheese substitute and even curdled for a cottage cheese substitute

vancouver49 said...

Hi there. I personally would love to have the recipes in an easy-to-print format. I love the photo tutorials!

And the person who posted a comment about having recipes for making cheese & dairy products, that would also be FANTASTIC!! It would give me a lot of peace of mind as I am vegetarian, and I love my cheese!


Angela said...

Oh my gosh... I love your blog!! I found out about it from the Coupon Game. It's now in my faves and I will add you to my blogroll as well! Thanks for all the great tips and help! XO -Angela K

Leslie said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you had time to put the recipes together!!

Elisa said...

That would be great!

Daughter of God said...

yes yes and more yes. In our R.S. we are trying to come up with recpies to help those who are on assistance from the bishop's store house. I sugested this site because I've started to try your yummy recpies to add to my own food storage. So again a pdf would be just wonderful, thanks!

donnaR said...

I have made sour cream just like I make yogurt. If you look at the label you will see that most sour cream is cultured. I used a tablespoon of the cuture to make my own. You could start now and never have to buy sour cream again.