Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekly Roundup: Food storage dilemmas, survival menus, and the best food storage room ever

For those of you feeling guilty about not being able to store food, this article is for you. Marie talks about can't vs. won't in the food storage dilemma. Hopefully it will assuage your guilt if you can't store food, and if you find out you can...get to it!

Money Saving Mom shared a survival menu this week full of easy meals that her family will be eating because she is deep into morning sickness. Just think, if you have your 3-Month Supply in place, you already have a survival menu, stocked and ready to use!

Want to see a FANTASTIC food storage room? Check out Ann Marie's! Someday Hannah and I will have rooms just like that... we hope!


Ann Marie said...

Thank you girls for the shout-out! I am very flattered, but it's far from being the best ever. I just showed how to make it work with the space I have. I have seen a few here in Utah that LOOK like stores. They are sweet!
Nevertheless, I am thankful to be featured on such a cool site!
Thanks~ Ann Marie

Marie said...

It was kind of you to mention my blog-- thanks, I really appreciate it!
Thank you also for your wonderful recipes--I am really excited about the fact that you are doing wheat recipes, since my recipes for wheat are extremely limited at this point. I look forward to learning more.
I have to say that I agree with Ann Marie--this is a cool site!Thanks for all of your hard work!


storage4 said...

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