Monday, September 1, 2008

Inspirational Thought

Three years ago, Katrina devastated parts of Mississippi and Louisiana. Volunteers were requested to help from all over the Southeast. My husband was among a group that went to the coast of Mississippi the week after Katrina had struck. One particular experience will always stick out in his memory. They had been riding around the first day with a member of the Mississippi Ocean Springs Ward, who had been showing them the places that needed help the most. When they asked to see how his house had fared, he consented to take them to where his house had been. His house was right on the coast, about two hundred yards from the beach. There was nothing left but a foundation. As the volunteers begun cleaning up the destroyed house, trying to salvage any personal possessions, they started to notice something interesting. There were broken bottles everywhere--broken bottles that once contained bottled fruits, vegetables, and sauces. The member confirmed that his years supply lay strewn and broken along the ground. My husband asked him how it felt to see all of that hard work destroyed. The man's answer will always be remembered at our house: "The prophet commanded us to gather a year's supply--he didn't say we were going to eat it. We have not been hungry in the week since the hurricane. The Lord has provided, because of our faith."