Thursday, September 4, 2008

Emergency Water

If you were absolutely desperate for water, do you know where you could find it?

Hopefully, you are storing (or working on storing) at least 2 gallons of water per person for 2 weeks. However, in a pinch, there are "hidden" sources of water right in your home. A Red Cross pamphlet I have says the following:

"If a disaster catches you without a stored supply of clean water, you can use the water in your hot-water tank, pipes, and ice cubes. As a last resort, you can use water in the reservoir tank of your toilet (not the bowl).

Do you know the location of your incoming water valve? You'll need to shut it off to stop contaminated water from entering your home if you hear reports of broken water or sewage lines.

To use the water in your pipes, let air into the plumbing by turning on the faucet in your house at the highest level. A small amount of water will trickle out. Then obtain water from the lowest faucet in your home (basement, perhaps. If you live on one floor, just choose a faucet there).

To use the water in your hot-water tank, be sure the electricity or gas is off, and open the drain at the bottom of the tank. Start the water flowing by turning off the water intake valve and turning on a hot-water faucet. Do not turn on the gas or electricity when the tank is empty."

So there you have it! We can't stress enough the importance of storing enough clean water in your home; however, for an emergency, here are some options.

Finally, don't forget about outdoor water sources: rainwater, streams/rivers or any other moving body of water, lakes, ponds, and natural springs. Avoid water with floating material, an odor, or dark color. Use saltwater only if you distill it first (see directions from last week's water post). Do not drink flood water.


Carolyn..blog.TotallyReady.com said...

My favorite tip for storing water is to fill your empty canning jars. Most of us have them and they take up room most of the year. Put them to work. As you empty them of fruit and veggies wash them and refill with water. When it's canning time again simply use the water to water a plant and can away.

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