Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend Roundup - Some Food Storage / Emergency Prep Handouts

A few weeks ago, Abs and I taught a food storage class in our ward. We made a few handouts and taught the class about our rotation methods, planning their 3-month supply of food, etc.

We know that many of you teach food storage classes, or you are the "food storage/emergency preparedness" person at Church. To help you out, we're making our class handouts available for you! You are welcome to print them out and enjoy them yourselves, or you can make copies and use them in your own classes! We hope this will be beneficial to you. Feel free to print out all the pages, or choose the ones you want. We only ask that you please do not edit these handouts, and that you use them "as is". If you have any special requests for other handouts concerning information on our site, please email us and we'll try to help you out!

Also new on the sidebar today is a 72 Hour Kit printable in case you want a list as you track down items in your house.

Remember you are always welcome to share information from our site on your own blogs and websites, we want to make food storage easier for everyone! - Please just be sure to include our blog address with the information. Thank you!

Food Storage 101 Handouts Printable

72 Hour Kit Printable


Dasdel said...

This is a great website. Lots of good info. Thanks for sharing

Heather O. said...

Thanks. I will definitely be circulating this in my ward.

roxanne said...

I love your site! You have totally inspired me to really get going, and I am definitely going to follow through with your weekly suggestions of what to gather/store. I know it is not that difficult, but it seems so much easier when you are just following someone else's plan and doing the things they suggest. It is much less overwhelming. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this, and provide us with such detailed information, including documents and pictures! I'm sure you will be greatly blessed for your efforts, and I'll be commenting to let you know how it is working out for me. Thanks again!