Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday!! (Week #15)

If you are new to our blog, don't feel left behind! We're currently working on our 72-hour kits, and you can join right in where we are, or you can start at the beginning and catch up at your own pace. The three month-supply and longer-term storage foods are ongoing projects, so you really aren't behind in that aspect. Start now!

This week for our 72-hour kits, you need to gather an ax and a shovel. These are good tools to have in an emergency; in fact, these are good tools to just have in general. Obviously, these will not store in a backpack, so just keep them in your garage / carport / basement - wherever you store your tools. I keep a little note card on top of my 72-hour kit with a list of things I need to grab besides the packs (if we are leaving our home in an emergency). The ax and shovel will be at the top of my list. You might add "personal documents" if you did not feel comfortable always keeping copies of all those documents in your packs.

I did a little assessment of my 3-month supply the other day. It's starting to dwindle because we are eating through it... I really need to remember to use my sticky-pad method so I can keep my pantry full! How is your pantry doing?

Also this week for my longer-term storage I intend to order some wheat from LDS Catalog (Distribution Center). I have NO WHEAT in my home as of this moment because I didn't know what to do with it. Thankfully, after doing some research I know a bit more, and I will share that information with you soon! Click here if you'd like to order some wheat from LDS Catalog as well.


miriam.plass said...

I'm curious as to what you use the axe and shovel for. Are you talking a long handled shovel and an axe to chop down a tree? I'm having a hard time picturing it.