Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Square Foot Gardening

We'll be reposting some of our gardening series throughout April to help you get ready for gardening season. Please feel free to leave helpful tips on starting and maintaining a garden!

(image courtesy of FrugalDad.com)

Remember last week I told you all I was going to do all my gardening in containers this year? Well... that's not true. I mean, I WAS planning on doing all my gardening that way, but then the weekend happened. My in-laws came into town, and my father-in-law built me a square foot garden! I was so excited, and I'm really looking forward harvesting all my wonderful fruits and veggies this year.

Square foot gardening is a good option for many people. It's great for me because the soil in our yard is so sandy, and we didn't do a compost or anything this year so it would have taken a LOT of work to prepare our plot. With a square foot garden, all we had to do was buy some soil from the store and use that - no mixing into our current dirt, no worries about too much sand or clay, etc.

There are lots of websites out there that are dedicated to square foot gardening. Check outSquareFootGardening.com, which is an excellent resource. My father-in-law used the step-by-step directions here at Frugal Dad to build my square foot garden last weekend. It turned out great!

My square foot garden ended up being 6' x 4', and I planted some tomatoes, herbs, peppers (red, green, jalapeno), some peas, squash, and a few melons to try out. What are you planting in your gardens this year? What type of garden are you doing?

Originally posted April 23, 2009


Rachel said...

I prefer raised beds (though I'm not too keen on SFG's methods as I've tried them and had horrible luck). Unfortunately our garden is now too large for raised beds to be even remotely feasible economically.