Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goal Check Up

I've gotten into a food storage rut lately. I'm sure you've all been there. It's kind of a "look the other way" mentality for me. If I pretend I don't have food storage, I won't worry about it. But when Mountain Man was making rice the other day he noticed things moving in it...yep, bugs in our food again! The first time was oats, and now rice. Eek. There's nothing like crawly things in your food to spur you to action.

I've decided that I'm obviously not rotating my food fast enough. So each time I bring home some grains, I'm going to stick the package in my deep freeze for 3 days to kill any bug larvae. I have two packages of rolled oats in there now.

While I was bleaching out my rice bucket I decided I'd better jump back in and get on top of things.

In January, Hannah and I listed some of our food storage goals for the upcoming year. Mine were:

1. Switch out 72 hour kits to include protein shakes and shaker cups.
I haven't even looked at my 72 hour kits! We were out of town over Conference so I didn't check them then. I need to price shaker cups and then go through my kits.

2. Build water storage by buying a case of bottled water per quarter and adding 2-2L soda bottles of water each month.
I did buy a case of bottled water, but we drank it on our vacation (coastal water is nasty--no offense to any coast dwellers), so I need to buy another one. I have been doing pretty good at filling my soda bottles with water. I've probably done 4-5 so I need to kick it up a notch.

3. Restock my 3-Month Supply
I've been buying pasta sauce and noodles as they go on sale, but I could really use an updated master list. I'm getting new carpet and will have to clean out my food storage closet and under my beds, so that will be a good time to take an update inventory.

As you can see I have a ways to go, but at least I'm getting re-energized about it, and it's only April!

How are you doing on your food storage goals so far?


Sharron said...

Funny that you mentioned shaker cups today. Today my post is showing how to mix milk or flour water in a jar when you are camping or just don't have a blender. That's how my mom did it for years, even after we bought our first blender. Old habits die hard?

If you want to save money, just get plastic cups with tight lids. I used to use the Tupperware tumblers with lids when my kids were little and we went camping a lot.

cozy said...

:) thanks for being so honest! gives me hope...
love this blog!