Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Roundup

All About Food Storage has a downloadable pdf file for powdered egg and milk conversion. If you are using powdered eggs or milk in a recipe, this will make it that much easier. If you are interested in powdered eggs, check out Hannah's review of them.

All About Food Storage also had a great idea about using snack mixes to get your kids acquainted with food storage. Looks delicious to me!

Food Storage Made Easy has an extensive food substitution and measurement list, always handy to have in the kitchen.

Oh The Places You'll Go
has a great idea to use food storage as a wedding gift. What a great way to get a couple started on food storage, and what cute wrappings she uses!

Finally, Self-Reliant Sisters have put together 30 days of pantry meals. They have downloadable forms for you to print off and fill out for your food storage meal plan. To read more about this idea to plan for your three-month supply read this.


Mandy said...

I always love reading your round-ups. Thanks!

I am posting all of my recipes for my 3 Month Supply - 30 of them in all! I'm hoping that it will be beneficial for somebody, and show them just how easy a 3 Month Supply can be!


pam said...

I enjoy your blog, hope you don't mind me checking in. I have a question, I had bought some morning moo milk, and I have been told it is different from reg. powder milk, so how do I figure out how much to use when I bake with it; I understand it has shortening added to it and I have notice my baking is not right, do you know how much less oils I should use when I use it? Or is it best not to use it for baking/cooking?