Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roundup: Chicken in a Crockpot

I was really happy to see a tutorial on preparing a whole chicken in a crockpot from Happy Housewife. Cooking an entire chicken is something that I'm quite shy about (slash scared to death) but this post made it seem very easy and manageable. Plus there's the added bonus about getting the chicken broth to boot. A great basic cooking skill to have!

Have loads of wheat but no grinder? Check out this post from Food Storage Made Easy about 7 ways to use wheat without a wheat grinder.


For our designated food storage meal this week I made burritos. Instead of just eating away, we loaded the beans into the tortillas and baked them for a few minutes to set them. Check out my awesome cell phone picture. Why can't you ever find your camera when you need it?

And yes, because I'm mom I got the dregs of the chip bag!

What did you make from your food storage this week?


Anonymous said...

Chilli and Tomato soup!

Paula said...

I love to do whole chickens in the crock pot. I just rinse the chicken and make sure I take the insides out. Fill a crockpot half way with water, add whatever spice you want and add chicken making sure it is about covered in water. I keep it on low all day (6-8) hours. I know its done because it actually falls apart when you try to take it out. So I pick it apart and do whatever with the chicken and the broth.

I also do this with round steak and roasts. They also will fall apart and be as tasty as can be you can even add veggies into crock pot. LOVE IT.

I am LoW said...

I put a chicken in the crockput with seasoning only. No water, no liquids, just the chicken and seasoned. It works great.

(can do the same with pork roast. add no liquids, just the roast)

The fat in the meats are all it needs. Still juicy and tender.