Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Food Storage Tuesday, & a link

Last week we finished gathering everything for our 72-hour kits, and we're going to hold off on starting the car kits until the new year starts.

How's your three-month supply coming along?  Last week we got an email from Marcia, who writes an organizational management blog.  She shared a link to her article about keeping a well-stocked kitchen.  It was a really good and thorough article... check it out if you have a moment.  Very useful.

We're still gathering rice this month for our longer-term storage.  I wonder what my mother-in-law would say if I asked for rice for Christmas? (Actually, she would completely understand... she is very much into preparedness and has taught me a lot of the things I've shared here on the blog!)

We hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and that you are able to spend Christmas with your loved ones.  I don't know if Abbie has said anything here on the blog (I can't remember!) but she is having a baby this week, so between that and the holidays, things might be a little quiet around here but we'll be back in full swing in January.


Karinya said...

That well-stocked kitchen link is a helpful one! We recently moved into a new home and while my kitchen is mostly up-to-speed and usable, I still find myself missing last-minute ingredients and thinking, shoot, I guess my new kitchen isn't as ready-to-go as I thought it was! This will be helpful when planning the next trip to the store :-)

Merry Christmas!

-Karinya @ Unlikely Origins