Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goals for '10

As is standard for the new year, Abbie and I have made some food storage / emergency prep goals for 2010.  Now is the perfect time to make goals, in my opinion.  It's winter... it's cold... we stay inside a lot.  The holidays are over.  Now I can actually contemplate what I would like to accomplish this year, and actually write down my aspirations and how I will accomplish them.  Because goals without stepping stones are just dreams, in my opinion.

Abbie's 2010 Goals
1. Switch out 72-hour kits to follow the guidelines talking about in this post (specifically the shaker cups and protein shakes) to cut down on bulky packs.
   a. start price-comparison shopping for these items, both online and in stores
   b. start buying them as I can afford them, and switch them out as I get them

2. Build water storage
    a. buy a case of bottled water each quarter
    b. wash and fill five 2 L bottles each month according to this post

3. Restock my 3-month supply.  I used up a lot of it during a tricky financial time and it's pretty pathetic looking now.  Just macaroni and cheese and some vegetables.
    a. buy a few extra items each trip to the grocery store
    b. look over my menu plan and perhaps tweak it to include some of our newer non-perishable recipes.

Hannah's 2010 Goals
1. Finish 72-hour kits for our family.  Would you believe that my kits aren't done yet, even though we have completed the 72-hour kit on-going project twice?!  Yeah, pitiful I know. :)
    a. buy the items from the on-going project when we do 72-hour kits again
    b. actually add them to our kits.  Sometimes I just put the items next to the kits in my closet. Because I'm lazy.  But that doesn't do my any good if I'm in a rush and only grab my backpacks/buckets.
    c. buy something better for our kits to be in.  Right now we have just backpacks but I'd love to also have a rolling suitcase or something like that.

2. Decide what to do with my 3-month supply
   a. My husband will be graduating from medical school this year (woo hoo!!) and we will be moving in May/June.  The only problem is, we don't know where we will be moving for his 5 year residency.  We also don't know if we will be moving once or twice (he has to do a preliminary year somewhere first, and it may or may not be in the same place as his 4-year radiology residency).  If we move someplace for 1 year and then have to move again for the last 4 years, we will probably be putting a lot of stuff in storage for the first year, until we get a house in residency.  Do I store my food storage? Do we bring it with us to a tiny apartment (which is where I'm guessing we'll live)?  Do we just eat through it now and start all over again?  Do I just give it to Abbie? haha no (sorry Abs!).

3. Practice now so that I can be confident in an emergency.
   a. I really don't know how well I would do without electricity.  Could I cook a decent dinner over a fire, or with a camp stove?  Where do I start?
   b. Once per month or two, make a meal using our food storage recipes, and don't use electricity.
4. Make a will (this definitely counts for emergency prep!)
   a. We don't have any assets (med school, remember?), but we have two kids that would need taking care of.  We owe it to them (and our extended family) to have plans made for what we want to happen to them, and to our things.

We'll be updating you monthly on our progress, so keep us honest!

What are your 2010 food storage / emergency prep goals?


Shane and Brandi said...

1. I want to build a $1000.00 dollar emergency account. I have enjoyed following your blog the last part of this year. Thanks for all your hard work!

Candy said...

I plan on creating a trust so that our assets and child will be covered in the event that something happens to both of us.

Anonymous said...

This fall we were out of money. I sued my three month supply and have moved into my wheat, beans, rice, etc. We always ate lots of whole grains and beans anyway. We've been eating this diet almost exclusively for weeks. At first I was pretty annoyed, but now I know this is temporary. It's been a big eye opener to see what things get used up first.

dogear6 said...

Great checklist of things to get done this year. Thanks for putting together.

Julie said...

My goals for food storage/emergency preparedness are
#1. finish buying rice and oats for long term storage
#2. learn to make bread
#3. go on a financial fast for 2 months to help build our emergency cash fund
#4. learn a new skill-maybe sewing, maybe knitting (I haven't decided yet)