Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monthly Roundup: January

My Food Storage Deals has a great article on weevils in food storage and how to prevent and deal with them. I've had my own run-in with crawly bugs in my oats and its no fun!

Check out Food Storage Made Easy for an informative post on Emergency Heat Sources.

Interested in a peek at what a LDS dry-pack cannery looks like on the inside? Check out I Dare You to Eat It's tour right here.

Looks like Self-Reliant Sisters focused on wheat this month. They have a little chart up about what would 400 lbs of wheat make? As well as a diagram of a wheat kernel. Very informative.

Finally, don't forget to check out LDS.org's new page on Self-Reliance. At the heart of food storage is this principle of taking care of oneself and one's own family.

What are some of your favorite food storage and emergency preparedness sites?