Thursday, February 12, 2009

Product Review: Part II

A little dialogue if you will...

Hannah: So, do you want to just post our reviews together on Wednesday?

me: Won't that be a little long?

Hannah: Not really, it's just a couple of pictures, right?

me: Ummmm....

Well, it turns out that I have a lot of pictures. My sister, who copy edits a lot of my posts (to cut out the really corny jokes--aren't you grateful), once asked me, 'do your readers like all of your pictures?'

To which I say, who cares?

Alright, so I care a little bit, but I can't help my obsessive need for taking lots of pictures.

I guess I'm the kind of person who learns visually, so I assume everyone else is the same.

Well. I put it all together, chuckling gleefully, because I was very chipper at the thought of having a Cansolidator pantry in my pantry. The only problem was it didn't fit in my pantry. It was too deep!

I cried and moaned for a while, but then decided to see if it would fit in one of my lower cupboards which are pretty deep.

This involved cleaning and organizing. Boo. I recommend measuring your pantry or cupboards where you are intending to place this bad boy or look into the Cansolidator cupboard which is not quite as deep and probably would have fit in my pantry.

Pretend that this picture isn't sideways and concentrate on the important thing: test out the rolling capability of the can before you snap on the top brackets. The bottom brackets are numbered in order to line them up, but unless you have x-ray vision, you won't be able to see the numbers to line them up. So pop a can in and roll it down and see if it can make it all the way without getting stuck or falling off, it either of those two things happen, you'll have to unsnap the row and try to line it up again.

I did like the fact that you can cater the width of each row to the type of cans you are storing. I've started storing the tomato sauce in 8oz cans which isn't a standard size but by golly if we don't always have leftover sauce when we make pizza or eat spaghetti when we use the 14oz cans.

I had originally tried the size for the tuna fish cans, but who am I kidding? Mountain Man hates tuna fish so it's not really practical to store.

Although we do have four cans of tuna in our 72 hour kit. But if he's not willing to eat it, he can just go hungry. Tough love baby.

By the way, have you guys ever tried this stuff, oh it's SO delicious.

So after I cleared out my bottom cupboard, I put the Cansolidator Pantry in it to see how deep it went and I noticed there was quite a bit of space behind it. There's no wasting space when it comes to food storage, so I had to find something to fit behind the cansolidator that I wouldn't need for a long time. Because once the cans are in it, I'm not about to move it. So, how about those cans of long-term storage! Wheat and dried beans that last for 30+ years? Sounds good to me.

Make sure it fits before loading it up.

I have to admit that rolling the cans down was very fulfilling. And enlightening: as in I need more green beans.

Thanks to Shelf Reliance for the Cansolidator Pantrys and for the great giveaway. Remember to win your own cansolidator, you must leave a comment on YESTERDAYS post. I love comments on my posts, but it won't do you a lick of good, so go here and leave a comment to be entered to win. Contest ends Friday at midnight EST. One comment per person please.

p.s. my sister didn't edit this post--so so sorry.


anna banana said...

Just wanted to say that I love all the pictures you post for things!

Bobbi Dunn said...

Photos are good. Thanks.

Do you have toilet paper, toothbrushes (travel) and toothpaste on your 72-Hour list?

S'mee said...

First off, AMEN SISTAH! to the hot cocoa mix! Run, people run and grab up some of this stuff!

Next: Thanks for the demo/review. I am saving for these. I just bought one of the huge gynormo systems for the closet, but want some of these little ones for the pantry. I'm thinking it's going to be an addiction -like tattoos; only GA approved. : )

and B.D....for me, the items you listed were tops on my list! When bad times happen I want to be minty fresh and, and, well comfy as possible. ahem.

carry on.

julie said...

it's ok that your sister didn't edit it for you, I thought it was hilarious! My husband just got me one of these for my birthday -romantic huh...

Nanci from MA said...

Love the photos! Great use of the space behind the Cansolidator!

Sondra said...

I am a total visual person and LOVED all of your photos.

JROD said...

I love the photos AND the corny jokes

Cameron Siguenza said...

Also a visual person and appreciate the effort with the pictures. Thank you.