Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend Roundup: Holiday Gifts and No Electricity

Hope you enjoyed our Holiday gift series using food storage. I, personally, am making mini loaves of whole wheat bread to give away with strawberry freezer jam that I froze in baby food jars. I figure that after all the sweets people have received they might like some good healthful bread.

Just one more tip: Try making some Homemade marshmallows from Little Birdie Secrets to give away with your homemade cocoa mix, it'll be a hit!

Not Just For Storing has a great article about reusing containers for food storage. Check it out here.

Here's an entertainment book for kids from Self Reliant Sisters that would be great to stick in your 72hr kit with some crayons/pencils if you have children.

Totally Ready
had an interesting idea to turn off the electricity for a day and see what you really need to do to be prepared for an emergency where you wouldn't have any power. Could make for a fun, family-bonding experience...or something, but better to experience it when you actually have a choice.


Nanci said...

We've had to "practice" living without electricity twice this past week in New England. My recommendations - be sure to have batteries and a corded phone that doesn't use electricity. (Our power was out but our phone wasn't.) Thankfully we had purchased a generator a couple of years ago but even with that we weren't able to hook up our heat or the pump for our well. That's taken care of now and we're ready for the next storm (tomorrow). There are still people without electricity in northern MA and NH. Pray for them.

roxanne said...

Good idea about the bread. That sounds so yummy!

HermitJim said...

I can't tell you how much I have appreciated the wonderful, informative articles lately...especially the recipes!

Plese keep up the good work for us all! Thank you...