Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Tuesday!

Well, it's Tuesday again so let's get to work gathering some food storage and 72-hour kit gear.

This week for your 72-hour kit, gather some disinfectant and a pair or two of work gloves. Any disinfectant that you can spray on surfaces is fine. Work gloves can come in handy in many instances, like if you need to gather firewood, or use your shovel.

How is your three-month supply of food coming along? If you are having trouble figuring out what to store, check out our article on how to plan your three-month supply. If you need meal ideas, check out our recipes page. All of our recipes use only non-perishable foods, so even if you lose your electricity for a few days (or weeks!), you won't lose your food.

This month for our longer-term storage, we're going to focus on something different. Usually we rotate between gathering beans, oats, rice, and wheat, but this month we're switching it up. You don't have to gather all of these foods suggested below, but consider what your family enjoys eating and what kinds of recipes you have planned. Hopefully you have many (or all) of these foods in your three-month supply already. I'm buying extra of these items and adding them to my longer-term storage to give it some more diversity.

Powdered Milk
White flour
White sugar

So far I have been able to can up some powdered milk, and hopefully soon I can do some sugar, white flour, and pasta. Honey can be stored in the container it comes in (if it hardens, just heat it up and it will re-liquefy).

Good luck with your storage!


Stephanie_in_ar said...

Would you post how to can milk powder? I have wondered if it was possible & would like to know how. Thanks.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'm so glad I "found" you on another blog.

I have a listing of blogs and articles on the side bar of my blog, all about deepening the pantry!

I've been encouraging readers all year to deepen their pantry whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

I never thought about buying honey. We don't really use it all the often. Would it be a good idea to buy it in small bottles since we don't use it a lot? Does it stay good for a long time after opening it? Thanks! Megan