Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Every Tuesday we talk about items to buy for our 72-hour kits, 3-month supply, and longer term storage.

This week for your 72-hour kits it's catch-up week!! Check out our list on the left side of the page and see what you are still missing. If you are new to our blog and haven't started this project yet, don't worry! Once we are finished with these kits (in just a few weeks), we'll be making some car emergency kits, and then we'll be doing the 72-hour kits again. Of course, you are welcome to put together the 72-hour kits now, but it can be expensive to do it all at once, which is why we break it down into a few items a week.

For your three-month supply, grab a few extra canned goods as you do your grocery shopping. Someone made a great suggestion in the comments about always using BOGO sales for this very purpose - stocking up. Gotta love food storage for free! Just be sure you aren't storing random canned goods - plan out some recipes that you want to store. I also like to get large cans of fruit to eat as side dishes with our meals.

For your longer-term storage this month, we are gathering "other" items (besides the usual beans, wheat, rice, and oats). Consider powdered milk, honey (a great sweetener, and stores wonderfully), white flour, pasta, etc. For me, I am focusing on powdered milk and pasta (if I can find it on sale). Next time we have a month of gathering "others" I'll probably focus on honey, since I don't have much of that.

Thursday we have more food storage gift ideas, and Friday will be another delicious recipe using only non-perishables. We will also be posting more of your questions and answers on Saturday, so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Question: what are you doing next year? For those of us who feel behind, will you start over???

I love this blog and often forward your information on to my ward.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

squire said...

Another great thing about food storage is that we are always using things on sale. Our food storage products is all purchased when that item is on sale.

MA & PA Walker said...

What do you mean by "final cash installment" ?

Jessica Marie said...

Thanks for all of your help! It's been great! I'm hoping that when you're done doing 72 hr kits you can go back to the car kit because I missed that and I need some direction. Thanks!