Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Storage Hunt: iPrepared

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Today we're lucky to have Wendy from iPrepared to share her food storage space with us.

I realize that having a food-storage room is an ideal situation because many homes and apartments just don't have the space. Several years ago we moved into a home with an unfinished basement. Because we wanted an entire room for storage, we stole space from the planned future family room in order to make one. Someday, we will frame off a wall just in front of the buckets. The entire space is about 10' x 13'.

We opted to use adjustable shelving systems ($89 each at Costco) instead of building our own shelves. That way if we ever move, we'll be able to easily set up a new storage area wherever we have the space. I particularly like the shelf fronts that came with the shelving units. We live in an earthquake prone area, so I've put those fronts on the shelves that hold glass or canned goods that could be damaged if they fall off the shelf.

Our storage area holds a one-year longer-term storage (wheat, sugar, beans, etc.) as well as a three-month supply of foods (that we regularly eat) for our family of 5. The first two shelves on the right hold most of the food items, a supply of paper products, and some small water containers. The shelf at back-left holds first aid supplies, empty canning jars, bathroom supplies, and light bulbs. The space between the rolling shelves and the far-left shelf is full of laundry soaps, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper (not pictured). The far-left (and top shelf of the others) is full of other miscellaneous storage.

Most of our longer-term supply is in buckets and boxes of #10 cans on the bottoms of the shelves. I have some carpet samples on the floor to keep the buckets off of the cement floor. I don't stack the buckets more than three high so that the lids won't crack. You can't see these in the pictures, but I also have two buckets with twistable-gasket lids tucked in the back. One is filled with smaller packages of brown sugar, the other with powdered sugar. My supply of oil is inside a paper box (upper right) to protect it from degrading from the ambient light.

I actually won the rolling-can unit in a contest. I don't think I could have justified paying the price otherwise. I added a steel grid on top so that I could store breakfast cereals and other boxed items there.

There are some additional areas of storage in other parts of our house. Most of the toothpaste, soap and shampoo are kept in the boys' bathroom (which keeps them from walking through the house while dripping wet looking for replacement supplies). I also have a small pantry with a supply of regularly-used items including buckets of flour, rice, and sugar. We have water barrels and emergency kits in the garage.

Thanks Wendy! What a great space! Go check out iPrepared for some great real life application of food storage and emergency preparedness.


Country Cookin' Mama said...

Wow!!!! That is a GREAT food storage room! So jealous!!!

Lynda said...

I have a food storage room too and use the stainless steel shelving units from Costco. Where did you get the shelving guards? I was just thinking today I needed something...I live in a small County in Northern California that had a tornado yesterday and another today!! I was more worried about earthquakes and now this! The guards are a MUST!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing and sharing your food storage space. I know that people are reluctant to show their storage but sooo much can be learned. A picture (with comments) is worth a thousand words! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I once saw a friend's food storage area with built in shelving but couldn't help notice the 300 plus empty canning jars lining the shelves. I asked what is that for...dah! It is to have on hand when your garden produce comes in. My next goal is to buy lids (about 1000) like the ones the Amish people use for all my canning jars.

Wendy said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments! Those shelf guards came with our shelving units when we purchased them.

TK said...

Hi Wendy, Thank you for sharing. I really like your shelving and storage pictures.

Noticed that you have a stack of canned goods which one box is above the shelving front. Am thinking that putting a square of (Grip It Shelf Liner) under the box could save it from sliding off in case of an earthquake.

This liner has kept my dishes and foods safely inside the cupboards of our camper even on the curviest roads.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the suggestion, TK. I've got two boxes, actually, that could use some of that shelf-liner underneath. I have some additional unused shelf guards, but those boxes are too tall to slide in and out. The shelf-liners are a great suggestion!

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