Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food Storage Hunt: Family Prepper

Rick from Family Prepper is here today to share his food storage space and ideas.

Food Storage doesn't have to be fancy or pretty. It just has to work. It is easy to start. Just find a corner or space that is cool and dark. I chose the space beneath my basement stairs. It's pretty much empty unused space anyway.

My Food Storage started with just a few 5 gallon jugs of water:

I built some shelves to add to the space. After that I started adding cans of extra's; you know extra tomato sauce or cream of chicken. Anything we normally used I just added a few extra can's and sent it to the "Pantry"...

This is pretty much how it started. Oh and on the bottom shelf is stuff we canned from the garden. As you can also see a few arms to protect ourselves per the second amendment of the US Constitution!

Gradually we added to the "Pantry" to include some good 'ole rice and beans:

As you can see it is still under construction. I intend to add a root cellar off the area when I have some time and money. To extend our storage from our garden. This was last year's mid-season growth:

I've learned a lot about gardening this year and anticipate a much better year.

Of course we continued to add water, since you can't live without it...

We also started adding pastas and oats:

A few bucks here and there and we have started to build a food storage. At this point in time we have approximately 3 months worth of food on the shelf and are beginning to look at long term food storage options. However, every person that starts storing food for emergencies is one more family that isn't out on the streets searching for food when catastrophe strikes!


Thanks Rick! Building a food storage supply definitely starts little by little. Don't ever think that you can't do it. Just keep adding little by little and you'll get there. Be sure to check out Family Prepper for more great ideas.


Carmen said...

Don't know if you have kids or not, but if it were me those guns would be locked up.

Yvonne Fraraccio said...

Hey Rick!!!

I have about six months worth of food storage, and I did not have no place to put it. I placed some of it in my son's closet because he has a lot more closet space than hubby and I. I also slid some under the sofa. We are hoping to get a bigger place soon. I hope I have space like yours. I love the way you built your own shelf space!!!

Great ideal!!! I love it!!!


Anonymous said...

Make sure to take your water and put a piece of wood under it or a piece of carpet or something. You shouldn't put things right on bare concrete. Also, make sure to take those products in plastic bags and put them in big 6 gallon buckets or they won't last as long. Bit by bit you'll get your storage. Good job!