Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday is a special day...

It's the day I blog about what I made from food storage this week!

Before we started this blog, I would have been so lost in an emergency. I would have looked in my pantry and thought, what can I do with dry peas and cream of chicken soup??? Thankfully, now I buy with a plan and have recipes on hand. And once a week, I make something using ONLY non-perishables, to make sure my family likes it and to train myself on how to do it, just in case.

This week, I cooked up some dry chickpeas and made that hummus again. It was dee-vine. I spread it on tortillas, on homemade bread, on carrots. I may have even eaten some plain. Maybe.

I also had lots of chickpeas left over, so I will probably make the Tomatoes and Chickpeas recipe that Abbie shared yesterday.

Did you make anything completely from your food storage this week? Get in the habit... it will pay off in an emergency, guaranteed.


Sarbear said...

Thanks for the chick peas recipes. My husband accidentally bought a whole case of them and I've been wondering what I can use them for.