Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday (late night... but still Tuesday)

You know how sometimes, all day you think it's a certain day of the week, and then you discover that it's actually NOT? That was my day today.

This week for your 72-hour kits, add some work gloves. You should have 2 pairs per family. I keep our work gloves in our 5-gallon bucket, since they are actually the ones we use now. I know that in an emergency, I need to grab that bucket and everything that it contains.

As a side note, I have a story... I am an ASL interpreter at Church, and I frequently mix up the signs for "hour" and "year". Several times, I have told (well, signed) to people that we should all have 72-year kits. And that General Conference happens twice an hour. Oops... I'm working on that one.

Anyway, how is your three month supply coming along? Besides food and water, it's important to store other everyday items like toilet paper, feminine products, baby products, and medicines. In a comment we received a while back, someone said that if they NEED one of something, they'll buy 3. In other words, if there is something you NEED in your house, consider stocking up on that item, whatever it is, when the item goes on sale. Cleaning supplies, pet food, etc. It should all be a part of your three month supply (although, food and water are the top priorities).

We are still gathering "other" items for the longer-term storage. I am working on pasta and honey this month. I don't know that I'll gather an entire year's worth, but my goal is to eventually have at least 6 months' worth set aside (I certainly won't get it all done this month, but hopefully in the next few months, depending on sales). I also need some honey.

What are you gathering this month?


Kestrel said...

I bought a 7 lb container of honey last year from Sam's. I figured that would be enough for a year, but you know what?

I seem to have misplaced it.

How do you lose 7 lbs of honey??

Danielle said...

We've been working on pasta a lot this month too, but it's because I've been finding good sales. I bought 8.5 lbs of wheat pasta for $2 when our local Albertson's had a killer sale. There have been some other great sales lately, and we stock up on this as long as they meet two criteria: it's something we eat and enjoy, and it's on a great sale.

And we're actually getting more honey soon! My in-laws do our case lot shopping for us since we live in a small town and the sale happens about a month before they normally come to visit us. They're coming to visit on Halloween weekend, since it's a state holiday for them in Nevada. (It's Nevada Day, the day Nevada entered the union in 1864.)