Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Every Tuesday, we post specific items you should gather in order to supplement your 72-hour kit, your 3-month supply, and your longer-term storage. If you are new to our blog, don't worry! You won't be left behind. Just start up where we are and follow along. You will eventually have everything completed! Once the 72-hour kit is complete, we'll be putting together emergency car kits again (week by week). Once those are done, we'll gather the 72-hour kits again. So don't worry, just jump on in and join us where we are today!

This week for your 72-hour kits, add some sunscreen and bug spray. Not sure how to pack your 72-hour kits? Check out our article on who carries what.

How is your three-month supply coming along? It's really not as overwhelming as it may seem... just plan some food-storage meals and then buy enough food to make those meals several times - just make sure you have twelve weeks of meals. Can you think of 7 dinners using only food storage ingredients? Buy enough food to make each meal 12 times, and you've got 12 weeks of dinners. Can you think of 14 meals? Buy enough food to make each meal 6 times. Having a hard time thinking of meals? Check out our recipes page. Don't have time to make up a master shopping list for everything? Check out our e-book - we've done the work for you!

This month for our longer-term storage, it's a "free" month. That means we're getting away from the basics of beans, rice, wheat, and oats, and giving you a chance to stock up on those "extras" that you want a year's supply of (or maybe just more than 3 months' worth). Some ideas: pasta, powdered milk, white sugar, white flour, honey, bouillon cubes, spices, yeast.. the possibilities are endless!

What "extras" do you like to stock up on, besides the basics? I just bought a big container of chicken bouillon and beef bouillon cubes. I use them regularly to enhance the flavor of rice, so I really like having them in my year's supply. I also need to get more honey.


Lara said...

Sugar is right up there on my list!!! I would like to store seeds (to grow food), but haven't done it yet.

Shane and Brandi said...

Toss up pasta or baby wipes! They are handy for a lot of different reasons.

Unknown said...

The stores are running sales on Campbell soup. I don't like it, but my husband does. I'm buying 10- 20 cans each time I go while the prices are below $1 per can.

Also stocking up on more jars for canning and powdered Vitamin C. I can use it for canning as well as for our own dietary needs. Much cheaper than pills. 1/4 tsp = 1,000 mgs.