Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Tuesday! (Week #10)

If you are new to our blog, please don't be discouraged - you are not far behind! We are just finishing up our car kits, and we are about to start our 72-hour kits. If you have not made a car kit, simply print off the list of items (there is a printable list on the lefthand side of the website) and make it at your own pace. Or, just focus on the 72-hour kits, and put together your car kit when we start doing that again. It's up to you!

How is everyone doing on their 3-month supply? I found some great sales this past month, so I really stocked up on a few items. It has been a lot easier shopping ever since I made my menu plan. And I know we've probably mentioned this in passing, but let me remind you that your 3-month supply requires more than just food.

Don't forget to store toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. I know some people like to stock up on about a year's worth of soap, and that's great too. Don't worry about storing a year of shampoo, though... I don't know about you, but during an emergency situation, I wouldn't hesitate to wash my hair with regular, cheap body soap (is that a hair-care sin?? I hope not!). Likewise, you could always brush your teeth with baking soda if you run out of toothpaste. However, the 3-month supply is about living comfortably for 3 months, so I would at least have that much toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper, etc. for your entire family.

July is over, so hopefully you had a chance to stockpile some rice for your 1-year supply. This month (August), we will be gathering..... (drumroll, please).... BEANS!!! Like rice, beans are very versatile and can be prepared in so many ways. This is partly because there are so many different kinds of beans. Gather what your family enjoys. Abs has some great bean recipes that she's going to share in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for those.

Click HERE (Provident Living) to find out how many pounds of beans you need for your family. Don't be overwhelmed - just gather what you can.

And finally, we're finishing up the car kits this week. Add a pen/pencil and paper, as well as some cash. The amount of cash is really up to you, but we recommend storing $5-$20. Put in whatever you're comfortable with. And gear up for the 72-hour kits, it's going to be fun!!


Anna Oman said...

As one who has never really been a big fan of beans or ever really cooked with them, I have no idea what types of beans to store. The only beans I know are green beans, black beans, and kidney beans. Could you possibly go over the different types of beans and what types of meals they are used in and also, how to cook beans, I hear you have to soak them and boil them?? I need major education on beans, if you could please enlighten me!! Thanks!!

Hannah said...

YES! Tomorrow, I will post a more in-depth "lesson" on beans. I know that many people have the same questions you do, so consider it done!

Linda said...

I just ran onto your blog through some friends...is it ok for me to add you to my link? Hope you don't mind. Love your information

cruella said...

Hi, in reading your blog, I just thought of mentioning in adding some cash. Be sure it is in small denominations. Ones are good because then you won't have to spend more than is needed for a product when change is not available from the vendor. Just a thought