Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winterizing the Car Kit

As you know, we are big proponents of having a car kit in your car for little emergencies.  Ideally, you should check your car kit regularly, but the reality is...that just doesn't happen.  But I do try and check my car kit twice a year: once when summer starts and once when winter starts.

So this week, I pulled out the car kit to see what was missing and needed to be replaced or replenished.
First up, I opened the box!  My first car kit I put in an open box and realized quickly that it wasn't going to work. Dirt got everywhere. Now I use a lidded box.

 Three fruit strips were all that was left of the snacks.

 Not quite sure where the jumper cables disappeared to.

Checked the first aid kit to make sure I have everything.
 A few odds and ends in the bottom.

 Used my notebook to write down a few things I needed to find/buy.

 At the store I picked up some snacks (non melty ones, although that doesn't matter as much in the winter), bandaids and water. I love the mini size water bottles, especially with kids.

I also raided my change jar and scrounged up $10 in coins.  Hopefully having the money in change will discourage my husband from using it to buy Burger King, which is what happened to my last emergency stash of money.

All set back up in the car--for just in case.

If you have a car kit, have you checked yours lately?


Anonymous said...

When my kids were small, and we drove a mini-van, I had a "van box" that we kept behind the driver's seat. I just took a cardboard box, cut it down to about six inches in height, and covered inside and out in contact paper. (I was quite innovative for the late 90's!) I always kept some diapers and wipes, a jar of baby food, and some dry snacks. An extra change of clothes, and some of those felt receiving blankets for the baby, and an extra shirt for me. (If you have kids, you know why I needed that!) We also kept a change purse with extra money, and a flashlight. We never had a true emergency, but we always managed to use the stuff in that box! And, we were often glad we had it!!

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