Friday, April 20, 2012

Southern Gardening Update

Yes, I know that today is Friday, and we usually share food storage recipes on Friday... I'm a day late on this post but I wanted to share how our garden is going here in Florida.  It's quite a bit different from Abs' northern garden that she shared last week!

I'm really glad that my husband thought to plant the big vine plants on the edges... that way they can just hang over the side and not encroach upon the other plants.  Good thinking!  We have watermelon and cantaloupe there on the bottom corner.

We've already harvested some lettuce for salads and sandwiches... we ended up keeping all 4 of our lettuce plants in the two squares we planted them in.  I originally thought I'd have to move some, but they haven't gotten too large or close together so I think they'll stay put.  In the picture it looks like they are all over each other but in fact they are separated quite nicely.  And I have to say, I've been pretty impressed with how quickly they recover from harvesting.  I ripped leaves off almost an entire plant about 4 days ago, and it looks full again already.  I am really glad we planted that lettuce!

And, you can't see them very well in the back corner but I'm a little unhappy with how a couple of the tomatoes are doing... I don't know if we planted them too early or what, but they just aren't growing nearly as well or as quickly as the other plants.  I will give them a bit more time, but I am tempted to buy some starters if they don't start to perk up.  Tomatoes are my favorite garden vegetable so I am really counting on them to do well!

How are your gardens going?


Brenna Bee said...

for some reason your pics aren't working...just an fyi. I'm sure they look good, though.

Deborah Jennings said...

WOW! I love that square foot garden! We haven't even gotten ours tilled up, much less planted. =) Every time we get ready to till it up, it rains. We have gotten it mowed twice! I am ready to get some tomatoes, onions, potatoes and beans planted. I love harvesting from the garden and eating good fresh vegetables. Yum Nothing's better! Oh, and I could eat tomatoes at every meal. And snacks too!

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