Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food Storage Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we post specific items you should gather in order to supplement your emergency car kit, your three-month supply, and your longer term storage.  If you are new to our blog, don't worry!  You won't be left behind.  Just start up where we are and follow along.  You will eventually have everything completed.  Once the car kit is complete, we'll be putting together 72-hour kits again (week by week).  Once those are done, we'll gather the car kits again.  So don't worry, just jump on in and join us where we are today!  

This week for your emergency car kit, add a basic first aid kit.  You can find these in any big box store.  The small pouch kits would probably be fine, but find whatever you think will work for your family and add it to your kit.  Make sure it will fit in your car kit box.

How's your three-month supply coming along?  It can be hard to plan a three-month supply of food based around meals that you don't normally eat.  In my family, I mostly prepare meals from fresh ingredients.  I rarely cook prepared meals or things from a box, so it's hard for me to think of possibly eating these types of foods for three months if an emergency came up.  Keep in mind that you don't have to only store these kinds of foods for your three-month supply!  A bag of pinto beans, some dried onions, and a variety of spices simmering in the crock pot all day make an incredibly delicious meal, and it's very filling.  Add rice and it will go even further.  You don't have to only store Ramen and cans of prepared soup!  Check out our food storage recipes for some more ideas as you plan your three month supply.

This month for our longer-term storage, we're gathering rice.