Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reader Question: Evaporated Milk

One of the items I am considering leaving out of my food storage is evaporated milk. It has such a short shelf life. I don't mind using it up in quiches, but I don't want to eat that much quiche.
It's okay in yogurt, but not great.

The powdered milk is not a problem. We use it for everything except straight up drinking, so we don't buy as much fresh milk when it comes time to rotate.

Do you store evaporated milk? If you do, how do you keep it rotated?

- dogear6

I will be curious to hear everyone's answers to this, because I used to store a lot of evaporated and sweetened condensed milk and ended up throwing them away because they expired before I used them. Now I just keep 3-4 cans of each on hand and most of my milk storage is powdered.

I have a crepe recipe that uses evaporated milk and there are loads of dessert recipes (think fudge) which use sweetened condensed milk. Other than that, I'm out of ideas.

Do you store evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk? How do you rotate it?


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I like to keep a few cans of each around, as I have some recipes that call for them. But I don't store large quantities.

mommaerika said...

We use our powdered milk to make both so we no longer buy any cans. You can find recipes online - we use the ones from everydayfoodstorage.

Wendy said...

Fudge is a big Christmas treat at our house. In fact, it is what we usually take to our neighbors. Our recipe uses evaporated milk. So I always keep 10 to 12 cans on hand which are easily rotated each holiday season. Our favorite caramel recipe uses sweetened condensed milk so again I always have about 12 cans on hand.

You can make evaporated milk from powdered milk: http://iprepared.blogspot.com/2009/01/recipe-substitutions.html

1 c. water
2/3 c. powdered milk
[1 T of oil or butter if you are making whole-evaporated milk]

So, in my opinion, there really isn't any reason to store the evaporated milk if you never use it. Just store powdered milk and make sure you have water stored as well.


LaurieNguyen said...

You can use evaporated milk instead of milk and cream in many recipes. I use it when I make Indian food which calls for heavy cream or half and half. Or, I use it when I make cream soups. It's also good in omelets and french toast. Usually I use milk, but when it's getting close to the expiration date, I use it in those things.

Coordination Queen said...

Dinner last night called for a can of evaporated milk. Of course I didn't have one, so I used my powdered milk to make it. Tasted fabulous.

Jessie said...

I'm with LaurieNguyen on this one -- instead of thinking of evaporated milk as milk, think of it as canned cream that you readily have on hand. I use it in creamy pasta sauces on a regular basis. And as for sweetened condensed milk, well, make dulce de leche, the heavenly, creamy caramel sauce/spread/pudding. You basically boil the milk in its own can to caramelize it.

Ashlee said...

I add a can of evaporated milk to homemade chicken and rice soup- makes it creamy and my kids eat it up (even with all the vegetables!)

Kids and Canning Jars said...

There is a ton you can really do with evaporated milk. I use it to stretch casseroles. Things like beef strongnoff and chicken noodle casserole. I also whip it and add lemon jello to make a cheesecake. I add it to homemade ice creams and smoothies. It is a good stockpile item if there is a good sale and coupons. I have around 70 cans in my storage and I use a dating system to rotate everything. It is dated when it comes into my houes. I hope you all try whipping it. try cooling it right in the can in your fridge then open and whip in a mixer. Add a little sugar and vanilla and you have a yummy whipped topping. Really there is a ton you can do with it. I hope this helps someone.

Anonymous said...

I only use powdered milk or canned coconut milk for cooking. Powdered milk meets nearly all of my needs.


Luann said...

evap milk is only milk with less water. use your powdered milk and use 1/2 the water you would normally use. works like magic.

Anonymous said...

One tip for families with young children. Evaporated milk reconstituted (mix with an equal portion of water) is whole milk. Whereas reconstituted powdered milk is usually non-fat. So, when I had toddlers at home I liked having it in the cupboard so that I knew they would get their whole milk :) Also, my kids don't care for powdered milk on their breakfast cereal, but they do like the reconstituted evaporated milk (don't forget the water) :) So, these are the 2 reasons that I like keeping evaporated milk in my storage.