Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Food Storage Hunt: Hannah

We hope you've enjoyed our Food Storage Hunt: Where do Food Storage Bloggers Store their Food Series. Wow, that's a mouthful.

In case you've missed it, here's the bloggers we've featured:

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We've loved seeing everyone's take on how to store food. Thanks all for participating. Today we'll have our last feature: Hannah!

First, may I remind you that I am moving in June, so my food storage has dwindled quite a bit over the last few months (we're eating through it now, then hopefully will replace it quickly after we settle into our new home).  Also, to be honest we haven't had much food storage over the last year because we just moved into this apartment last June (my husband is an intern right now, and will be starting his radiology residency this June in Florida, hence all the moves!).

First of all, I can't really complain too much about the storage space we have here, because we have walk-in closets in both bedrooms.  However, since we have no garage or shed, our closets are full of things like tools, a dolly, a ladder... you get the picture.  To be honest, our new home in Florida won't have a ton of storage space, but we will have a garage, so all the non-food storage items (like tools!) will be out there, freeing more space in the house for our food storage.

So, I know you want to see pictures so here they are!

This is our little hall closet.... I keep some of our three-month supply on the bottom 2 shelves.  Clearly needs some organization right now......

This is my kitchen closet... it's narrow but I'm so grateful to have it!  You can see that I keep some #10 cans of food on the bottom.  With a bit of organization I could make the space work a lot better, I'm sure.

 I also keep boxes of #10 cans under my older daughter's bed.  There's also some bottled water under there.

Also, since my girls' clothes are pretty small (and short), there was a lot of empty space under their clothes hanging up in their closet.  So, I have a big box of #10 cans under there.  White flour, wheat, oats, sugar, powdered milk.  If we were going to be here longer than a year I would have put more effort into organizing.

This is an old wooden crate that I found at an antique store a few months ago.  Right now it's on its side acting as a little nightstand in my girls' room.  Inside, there is food storage!

Here's another wooden crate in my little laundry closet... ignore the cooler sticking out the top.  There is also food storage inside.

The other side of my laundry closet has my dehydrator and hand mill.

Finally, this is another crate that I found at the antique store.  It's a banana crate and I love it!  Right now it's sitting on top of our TV armoire and... you guessed it!  There is food storage inside.

I am excited it move into a new home and come up with some new ways for storing food in a new space.  I'm not going to lie, it's been difficult to stock up on food storage over the last year since we are so transient right now.  I don't think that's a very good excuse, though, since many of you are much more transient than I am!  I really admire people who moved a lot yet still have a good supply of food storage.

Anyway, soon I'll have a new place with new ideas (hopefully!).  Once we're all settled, Abs and I will both have to give you tours of our new food storage spaces (since she is moving too!).


Sharron said...

My blog shows where we hide much of ours. notjustforstoring.blogspot.com