Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food Storage Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we post specific items you should gather in order to supplement your emergency car kit, your three-month supply, and your longer term storage.  If you are new to our blog, don't worry!  You won't be left behind.  Just start up where we are and follow along.  You will eventually have everything completed.  Once the car kit is complete, we'll be putting together 72-hour kits again (week by week).  Once those are done, we'll gather the car kits again.  So don't worry, just jump on in and join us where we are today!

This week for your car kits, add a change of clothes (for everyone in your family), and some diapers & feminine products (as needed).  Since spring is upon us (crossing my fingers, here!) plan your changes of clothes accordingly (we usually switch out our changes of clothes in April and October, during the same weekend that we check up on our 72-hour kits (updating food, batteries, etc).

How's your three-month supply coming along?  When you plan your three-month supply, don't forget to plan for desserts and other goodies!  Keep an eye out for cheap cake mixes, cookie mixes, etc. on sale, and stock up if it's something your family would enjoy!  If you are ever living off of your food storage for any reason (any sort of hardship), a little bit of dessert here and there can lighten the mood and help things feel "normal", especially if you have kids.  It may sound trite, but it's true!

We're gathering wheat for our longer-term storage this month.  Check out our wheat recipes here.  You can also read up on how to grind wheat into flour using an electric grinder.