Thursday, February 17, 2011

A couple more pictures...

I promised you all some more pictures of the Mountain House food that we reviewed a few weeks ago... unfortunately I still can't find my SD card, so I made up a few more items they sent me and took new pictures! (I was kinda saving them for our 72-hour kits, but I guess I'll just have to replace them, which I plan to do because they were delicious!)

I made the freeze-dried vegetable lasagna:
The package describes this dish as "Zucchini, pasta, carrots, and spinach in a classic italian-style tomato sauce."  Yum.  This thing was packed with veggies and tasted great. 

And buffalo style chicken (served in a tortilla):
Described on the package as "A plentiful blend of chicken in a zesty cream cheese sauce."  This one was definitely my favorite.  You can see above just how much chicken there is (tons!) and it was pretty spicy, too... it would definitely warm you up if you were out in cold weather!  This would be my choice to take camping too, I think. 

Both were very good and I would be more than happy to eat these in an emergency (and by "emergency", I mean, whether we are using our 72-hour kits for some real emergency, or the emergency is that I am feeling lazy and only want to boil some water but still have a great lunch).

Go on over to Mountain House to see what other food options they have!


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try the MTN HOUSE products as a supplement to my food storage. After reading your post, I bought the Spaghetti w/meat sauce and it IS yummy! I liked it, and it made more than enough for two people. If you have smaller children, I think it would easily feed 3-4 of them - if you had some sides like corn etc. All in all, I was impressed and plan on purchasing more for my storage and trying some of the other products. Oh, and it cooked perfectly in the bag with the boiling water! Jenn