Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Food Storage Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we post specific items you should gather in order to supplement your 72-hour kit, your 3-month supply, and your longer-term storage. If you are new to our blog, don't worry! You won't be left behind. Just start up where we are and follow along. You will eventually have everything completed! Once the 72-hour kit is complete, we'll be putting together emergency car kits again (week by week). Once those are done, we'll gather the 72-hour kits again. So don't worry, just jump on in and join us where we are today!

This week for your 72-hour kits, add food.  This is actually a big project so we're going to spend two weeks focusing on this.  You will need to sit down and make up a plan for meals for each of the three days.  Ideally, you would go out and buy all this food in the next two weeks, but if you are on a tighter budget and want to wait for things to go on sale, that's fine too.  Just be sure you have your shopping list completed and maybe make a goal to have everything bought within 2-3 months.

Check out one of our previous articles about food for 72-hour kits here.  Also, the Ensign magazine published an article last year about adequate nutrition during an emergency.  We did a review of that article here, so be sure to check that out as well.  I also encourage you to read the comments to these posts we did, because some people gave some really great advice!  Please feel free to leave your own advice to those posts as well.  Even though they are older posts, they are linked on our 72-hour kit page, so new readers (and all of you!) can access them easily.  Thanks in advance!  We love getting advice and ideas from all our readers.

How is your three-month supply coming along?  I'll admit, mine is coming along a lot more slowly than I had hoped.  If you remember, last spring when we found out we'd be moving, I stopped buying food storage (and in fact we started eating through our three-month supply so we'd have less to move).  The idea was that I could quickly replace everything with the grocery money I saved during that time.  However, moving expenses (and other things) really added up and the money wasn't quite as much as I thought it would be.  But, we are on the right track again and starting to store meals like we were before.  It's still challenging, of course, but we're moving in the right direction!

This month we are gathering wheat for our longer-term storage.  There are lots of places to buy wheat - just Google it and you will see!  Also, if you are LDS, ask around at Church to see if anyone wants to go in on a bulk order.  Sometimes that will get you the best deal.  And don't forget to check out wheat at Emergency Essentials, one of our sponsors.  We've worked with them before and have been very happy.

Where do you like to buy your wheat?


Rebecca said...

I just want to say that I am thankful for my food storage. I haven't had to use it... yet. But I started last year, now I have my year supply, with a wide variety of basic staples (from the cannery) to breakfasts (from WISE FOODS), to freeze dried meals from EE. I also have MREs and freeze dried and dehydrated ingredients to use to cook, as well. I am even learning how to use the basic ingredients in things. I am very excited about all of this. I do not have my 3-month supply per se... My pantry and fridge/freezer are usually stocked pretty well and I could probably get 4-6 weeks out of it...

I buy my wheat at the LDS food storage cannery. It is the cheapest there. I have never found it cheaper.