Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Preparedness saves lives

I know we're technically taking a break until next Monday, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this article with you.  A Nevada couple was stranded in their car for three days because of snow; thankfully, they were fine because their car was stocked with food, water, and warm clothes.

It's obvious that being prepared can save your life, but sometimes that's hard to remember when we are in the process of stocking up.  It's easy to get discouraged and/or bored with it all.

Click here to read the article - it's a great reminder as to why preparedness is essential.  Hurray for car kits! (fyi - we'll be starting to put together our car kits in just a few weeks - as soon as the 72-hour kits are done.  We gather a few items a week, so follow along!)


Danielle said...

This couple is from my hometown, so this hits close to home for me. Not only that, but we just bought a car that came with an OnStar trial... we love it, but it does give some interesting navigational directions. I'm just glad we tested its accuracy at a good time on a known route, instead of the Oregon snow!

I don't have a full car kit, but I keep my 72 hour kit in the car. I've always got the car with me, so if I had to leave on foot, I'd grab it from the car instead of a cabinet. It's come in handy for us too, like when we got stuck in traffic Thanksgiving weekend because we were 1 mile away from a major accident... hooray for having proteins on hand for the pregnant lady!

Thanks again for sharing.

Sharron said...

I used to travel from northern AZ down to Phoenix quite often with my three young children and always prepared for getting stranded. I even took blankets and dry fire wood, just in case so that we could make a fire if needed and build shelters if needed. We had some pretty bad country to go through for winter driving.

Years later I found out that my oldest was scared to death by all the preparations because it made her so aware of the "worst case scenario". I don't know exactly the answer might be, make sure kids are not frightened by your preparedness ;-)

Perhaps we should have emphasized that we waited until the conditions were as optimal as possible during the winter?!?!?! Never left when we would have to travel icy roads and preferably not even unplowed snowy ones.