Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Roundup: Quinoa

This was one of those weeks where I didn't have a chance to breathe! I frantically called Hannah last night and yelped: "I forgot to do a Food Storage Friday!" So sorry everyone, but I did add a recipe to the test kitchen for Curried Quinoa, go check it out.


Food Storage and Preservation posted an article about gathering your own wild edibles, might be a good skill to have. I could certainly use it when camping with Mountain Man. It takes him forever to get all set up and get dinner going! I just don't understand the big deal about getting the tent set up before dark--he's got a flashlight doesn't he?

I'm VERY interested to try this black bean brownie recipe from I Dare You to Eat It. There are just times you need something sweet, but don't have any eggs! Plus, a little extra protein never hurt anyone.

A few of you have written in about having really old beans and not knowing how to cook them. iPrepared has written a post about how to cook OLD beans. Love it when someone else does my work for me.

The prices at the LDS cannery have dropped! Everyday Food Storage has written about it and has included some valuable links about the price changes and bulk to can ratios.

Totally Ready Blog has written an article about CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) explaining how it works and its benefits. Sounds like a great idea for people interested in buying local and who can't garden on their own.


Do you have a food storage and/or emergency preparedness blog? Email me at safelygatheredin@gmail dot com, so I can include you in my roundup!


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