Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Tuesday (Week #19)

It's another Tuesday, which means we're going to talk about specific things to gather this week.

For your 72-hour kit, gather some soap. It's perfectly fine to just take some out of your three-month supply if you already have some there. Or, consider buying some small bottles of hand sanitizer. This way, you can still wash your hands without using precious water supply. Also think about storing a small bottle of shampoo. For my family, I will probably just get a very small (travel size) bottle of shampoo or shampoo/conditioner 2-in-1. This will save space and not weigh down our packs as much as a big bottle would.

Along similar lines, think about buying some dish soap for your 3-month supply. Most everyone probably uses a dishwasher to wash their dishes, but if you lost electricity you'd need to do it buy hand, so buy the right soap to have on hand in case that happens.

And this month for our longer-term storage, we are gathering oats! You can buy them from the LDS Catalog here (prices include shipping), or just buy it at your local grocery store and "can" it yourself for long-term.

Last week we taught you how to make a cardboard box oven, which was a big hit! Tomorrow, we are going to teach you about using another source for heat, so stay tuned. Also, we will be having a GIVEAWAY at the end of that post, so tell your friends!

Thursday we'll be sharing another food preservation method, and Friday will be a delicious food storage recipe! See you tomorrow for our giveaway!


frugalisfab said...

I just found this blog and it is fabulous! Thanks for making food storage a feasible goal. The step by step instructions are great.


CookinsForMe said...

Hannah, thanks for stopping by Plain Ol' Food. I've been perusing your blog and am wildly impressed! So impressed, I added your blog to the list on my entry and added it to my "Sweet Spots" list. I've struggled years with preparedness and its taken me a long time to just get where we are now with it. Your blog will speed the process I think. Keep it up and I'll refer people to you over and over.

Anonymous said...

Hi hannah

Have you thought about growing the soapwort plant for washing, personal and litchen use? It really works a treat!


Kimberly said...

Thanks for stopping by, I shall be coming by often as I have a strong testimony of food storage. You have a lot of great information I will put a link for my friends and family to also come by. Thanks again.

Stephanie in AR said...

How would you 'can' them at home? I've been wondering about doing that on my own but would rather have instructions to prevent possible waste.

roxanne said...

I really like your post from July 1 that sort of breaks down the 25 lb/mo. into more manageable numbers (10/10/5), and kind of gives a realistic goal of how much to attempt to gather in a month. It looks like your goal is to get a month's supply per person of whatever the item of the month is? I think this information should be posted in a link on the side or something. I remembered reading it at some point, and wanted the information, so I went back to find it.

Also, I am assuming that once you get through all the basics for long-term storage you are going to go back through and gather each in a continual cycle? I'm not sure what all we'll be gathering for long-term storage, but I look forward to the new item each month. If we are going back through I won't feel pressured to buy more than I can really afford just to get a huge storage going.

Thanks for all your work, I am promoting your blog to all my friends and family (LDS and not)!

Shauna said...

I Love your blog! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day :)

amyjane said...

Wow! Just stumbled on your blog and I kind of love you. I've really been struggling to get mhy head wrapped around this whole preparedness thing and since the time seems to be upon us, I really need to get going! Thank you for all the ideas and inspiration! I'll be back often.

Becca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! You gals have a fabulous thing going on over here!

Stop by again soon! I will be making and serving homemade cherry scones made with my very own dehydrated cherries. Anyone is welcome for a cyber-bite!


Anonymous said...

When I used to travel on business I would appropriate the small soaps and Shampoos provided by the Hotel/Motel I stayed at. The sizes are perfect for Bug out bags and even barter if things actually ever get really bad.

Carl In wisconsin

Saara said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, Hannah. You have a great resource here!
For hand washing and other light cleaning, I like baby wipes. We buy the big Kirkland brand box and keep one in the car at all times. They're also great when camping, out on the boat, or during a power outage (no well pump). I would always include a package in a 72-hour kit/bug-out bag.

Marni Hall said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sending me this direction. I'm excited to read and learn here!

Brenda Sasser said...

You are doing a fantatastic job on your blog! Your mother-in-law, Sue, gave it to me when she and I were canning the other day. I have been sharing it with my family. Keep up the good work.
Brenda Sasser