Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weekend Roundup

On Saturdays we'd like to share with you some of our favorite articles from the previous week. Enjoy!

Heather at Freebies 4 Mom wrote an interesting post entitled "7 Ways Reading Blogs is Saving Me Money"

Dried beans are a great food storage item because they contain protein and last for a LONG time. But sometimes it's hard to incorprotate them into your daily meals. The Happy Housewife has a great refried bean recipe using dried pinto beans. Who doesn't like refried beans?

The Simple Dollar has a great post on anticipation buying, that is buying things that you know you will need in the future (hello food storage!) for less because you are buying them in advance.

The Happy Housewife has a post on when to throw refrigerated things out!

Save money on produce by purchasing what's in season. Then use that money you saved to buy food storage!