Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One month down! (Week #4)

Well, we are one month into our project and I hope that everyone's up to speed. If it's your first time visiting our site, don't feel left out! Just join in where we are now, and you'll catch up. We're doing everything in cycles, so eventually we'll come around to the beginning again and start all over with the longterm projects, so you can get everything done!

This week on the car kit, add some wet wipes and a roll of toilet paper to your box. I love wet wipes - they're perfect for sticky fingers, and you would be amazed at how they work on stains! I use wet wipes all over my house. The toilet paper may also come in handy, you just never know! The best way to store it is to take it off the roll (wind it around your hand as you take it off) and put it in a ziplock plastic bag. That way, the roll won't get smashed or dirty. Additionally, you can easily separate one roll into 2 baggies, and put them in both your kits if you have 2 cars.

Now, about the 3-month supply. Last week I mentioned one method of how to plan a 3-month supply, and tomorrow Abs is going to post about that concept and she goes into much more depth. Make sure you read it! She has some great charts and things that she wrote up herself, because we wanted to make it as easy to understand as possible.

In the meantime, think about the kinds of things your family likes to eat. Tomorrow's post talks about making menus for your 3-month supply in advance, like I mentioned last week. Take a few minutes today or tomorrow to jot down a few menu ideas and foods that you want to stock up on. Abs and I always mention spaghetti because it's an easy meal to fall back on and it's great for storage, but there is so much more you can have in your pantry! That's why we love doing our Food Storage Friday posts - to give you some great ideas of things you can eat. If you ever had to eat through your food storage, for whatever reason, you want to enjoy it!

Growing up I always imagined that relying on food storage meant eating bland meals of rice or whole wheat grains. Thankfully, I've realized that that just isn't the case, and after reading tomorrow's how-to post, you will hopefully learn the same thing. See you tomorrow!